Forex Cash Card Facts
Forex Cash Card Facts

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Forex Cash Card Facts

Forex Cash Card Facts

Things you need to know

This Forex Cash Card looks and works exactly like your regular ATM card, but the great thing about this particular card is that there is NO account keeping fees, or minimum balance requirements associated with it whatsoever – which is fantastic!

It is an electronic wallet which can hold a maximum amount of 100,000 pesos, so there's no need for your loved ones to carry big amounts of money whenever they go shopping, where there are risks of theft and loss. With the Forex BDO Cash Card, all they have to do is simply withdraw the amount that they need. They can even use this cash to pay via eftpost at any retailer or supermarket with an EPS terminal - in a more convenient way.

Here is how the Forex BDO Cash Card can save you time and money

This Forex BDO Cash Card is designed to use over and over again. We have a service called Cash Card Reload wherein you simply top-up funds into this Cash Card whenever you would like to send money to your loved-ones. There is a small service fee of $8 each time you Reload this Cash Card (anywhere in the Philippines) and in just a matter of minutes, the Cash Card is reloaded. It's even faster than what you expect!

So, why send your cash door-todoor with higher fees and wait days for delivery, when you can have a fixed Reload fee of $8 nationwide and have funds availbale to your loved-ones in a mtter of minutes.

Withdrawals from any Banco De Oro ATM machines are absolutely free of any fees or charges.

Because it just makes sense!

Here are some key features of the Forex BDO Cash Card

FAST cash card reloading which can take only minutes means your loved ones don’t have to wait hours or days to purchase life’s necessities or to pay bills.
SAFE as it eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash. They simply withdraw what they need.
SECURE because in an event that the Cash Card is lost or stolen, you do not lose the funds. You may simply call us to arrange a replacement Cash Card.
CONVENIENT as your loved ones can withdraw funds from any ATM machine Nationwide, no withdrawal fees when funds are withdrawn from a Banco De Oro ATM machine and NO minimum balance requirements either.
RELIABLE as this card is designed to be used over and over and over again.

Are you Traveling to the Philippines anytime soon?

Why not get a Forex BDO Cash Card for yourself and enjoy all the same benefits listed above. Have the flexibility to reload funds into your Cash Card when you are happy with the exchange rate, so when you travel back your funds are securely tucked away into your Cash Card. This way all you have to worry about is how to spend it!

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