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Forex Bank Details

For bank deposit reference

Forex Bank Details

Forex Bank Details

We have a new remittance bank account

Firstly, we would like to say “THANK YOU” to all our customers who have successfully made the transition from Cash Deposits over the counter to now using Internet Banking as their means of depositing funds into our account. Your efforts will help us in providing you with continued and reliable remittance service for the long term.

Forex World Remittance Bank Account

To get our remittance bank details, please call us on 02 8777 0000 or email us at

 IMPORTANT: NO CASH DEPOSITS will be accepted. Learn more


Same rules will apply with this account meaning that all funds must be deposited via Internet Transfer only. Any cash deposit transactions will be refunded back to the sender, therefore not be processed. Also, transaction descriptions must only container FIRST and LAST NAME of sender to ensure transaction is processed in a timely manner.

Please contact us with your remittance advice as soon as you transfer the funds into this account so that we can process your remittance as soon as possible. Contact us on 02 8777 0000 or 1300 136 739 or email us via

Questions and Answers

Can I still transfer money into your Westpac account?

How long will it take for my funds to clear into this Forex account?

Why has the account changed?

Planning to deposit money to one of these banks using internet transfer?

To help us to sight your funds sooner which means we would process your transaction quicker, please deposit funds to our account corresponding to your bank , otherwise delays will occur as funds will not be visible in our account for approximately to 1-2 business days after your transfer.

Reasons why Forex may not be able to sight your funds transfer right away:

  • If it is your first time making the Internet transfer

  • If you are transferring funds from a Credit Union or Banking Institution

  • If the Internet Site of one of the above banks is down

  • If the amount you advise us is not accurate to what you have actually transferred

Forex Tips

Ways to help Forex process your transactions quicker Attach a transfer receipt to my Online Remittance Form, or fax a copy to 02 9826 7133, or scan and email the receipt to

You can screenshot your receipt by the following:

 If you're using an Android device, click here to see how.

  If you're using an Apple product (iPhone/iPad), click here to see how.