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About M. Lhuillier

M. Lhuillier group of Companies is always sensitive to its clients needs. The idea of having domestic money transfer had been thought off early in the 1990’s until ML Kwarta Padala’s realization in 1996. ML Kwarta Padala is a bonafide homegrown project.

The 800+ strong locations found all over the Philippine Archipelago made this a key factor in ML Kwarta Padala’s realization. This was inspired by a client who made a loan in one of our locations (different service) and wished to send the proceeds to family and friends in a different city. M. Lhuillier locations have high technology systems with communications making a fast and reliable money transfer and money would be transferred in a matter of minutes.

Forex together with Banco De Oro have added the strength of ML Kwarta Padala to our Remittance channels keeping the Forex service the ultimate choice when sending funds to your loved-ones wherever they may be. If your beneficiary does not have a bank account and there’s no SM Forex counter or BDO branches nearby, you can be sure there is a ML branch nearby. So convenient, so easy!

Simply tell your beneficiary to go the nearest M.Lhuillier branch and claim their funds by mentioning “BDO Remit” and giving them the Reference number. This reference number will be given to you by Forex when you call to advise us of your deposit.

Your beneficiary can funds just a few hours after Forex sights your deposit. Padala na! Kahit saang sulok sila, makakarating ang inyong Kwatra! For more info on ML Kwarta Padala, call us at 02 8777 0000.