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Other Door-to-Door Companies

No Third Parties
(Forex picks-up from you in Austrailia, and ONLY FOREX Philippines delivers to your relatives in the Philippines).
Use Third Parties
Other companies use third party forwarders to deliver their customers boxes for them. Making it much less safe, and harder for customers to trace, making it unreliable.
We Ship More Often
Forex ship at least one container every week. All Forex containers are securely loaded at the Forex warehouse, where each box is handled with care by dedicated employees. Click here to view our shipping schedules.
Long Interval Between Shipments or Send VIA L.C.L.
Most companies send every month, some even every 6-8 weeks, as they wait until the container is full before they ship, maximizing profits. Some even dangerously send via L.C.L. (loose cargo). This is how boxes are easily lost in transit as they are placed in a shred container.
Fast, Safe & Efficient
A strong FOREX company both here and in the Philippines that processes, handles and delivers to all parts of the Philippines.
No tracking System in Place
No other Filipino door-to-door company has a Tracking System in place. Trying to find out exactly where your box is virtually impossible. You just have to sit tight and pray that it gets there.
Barcode & Tracking System
Each Forex Box which is picked up from you is labeled a Tracking number and barcode, for faster handling and delivery with use of scanners. Also easy tracking for you via internet.
Pressure, Pressure!
Others pressure you like nothing else, some knock on your door, some call you on the phone, some even crash your party, taking advantage of any opportunity to talk about their business. “Padala naman kayo”, or “Kuha na kayo ng kahon”, or “Padala mo na yon box mo, matagal na yan sa iyo ha”
No Pressure
Forex gives you the freedom to scout the market. We DO NOT pressure any of our existing and potential customers. We let our service do the talking.
Lack of Professionalism
Others pick up your box without uniforms, and way past their promises, “darating po yan, 2 weeks lang” when they know that it won’t be there.
Only Forex has had over 22 years of experience, serving the overseas Filipino in both ion Boxes and in Money Transfers.
No Proof of Delivery
Only proof you get when sending with other companies are when loved-ones call up to thank you for the box sometimes 2 or 3 months after you sent the box.
Forex Containers leave the Australian Head Office and is not opened until the container reaches the Forex Warehouse in the Philippines. NO LCL’s! Containers leave for the Philippines on every scheduled shipment. Full or Not.
Photo Proof
Every box delivered by Forex is photographed together with the recipient as proof of delivery, and that it has arrived in good order. This proof of delivery picture can be viewed on the 'Track Your Box' section of this website and is available soon after the box is delivered.
Efficient Website
Which you may get all info needed about money transfers, boxes, shipment, schedules plus track boxes.