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Forex Billpay

Did You Know? You can now pay the bills of those you care for in the Philippines directly through Forex, bills such as Insurance, Cable Companies, Phone Bills, Financial Services and more!

Forex Billpay

Pay Bills in the Philippines Worry-Free through Forex Billpay

We here at Forex aim to make our customers lives easier, and we understand that many of you send money to your loved ones in order for them to pay certain bills, right? Well now, you can get those bills paid within 2-3 hours (from the time your deposited funds are sighted).

Eliminate the stress your loved-ones would have to endure in those long lines at the pay stations.
Eliminate the time wasted on their transportation.
Eliminate the hassle and take control of where the funds are going.

How do I use Billpay?

Using Billpay is very simple, everything you know about sending money through Forex remains the same. The transaction type simply becomes a BillPay transaction. This means that you simply let our Customer Service Specialist know which bill you would like to pay (Biller details including the Biller code) and the amount you deposited.

What is the service fee for using Billpay?

The service fee for using the Forex Billpay service is only $8.00, no matter the amount the bill is or which institution the biller may be. A simple flat fee.

Are you an existing Forex Remittance Customer?

If so, you can enjoy the benefits of Forex Billpay immediately. If not, please click here so you can enjoy hassle-free bill payments today.