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Cebuana Lhuillier

About Cebuana Lhuillier

It all started in the island of Cebu. In 1935, French Consul to the Philippines, Henry Lhuillier established his first chain of pawnshops, then called Agencias. In time, his Agencias spread to more branches within the island, as well as in nearby provinces. In 1969, Henri Lhuillier’s son Philippe Lhuillier ventured forth and opened a branch at Libertad Street in Malibay, Pasay. He named it Agencia Cebuana.

What was a chain of Agencias has now grown into the PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies. Today its portfolio includes managing and operating businesses in diverse industries: non-pawnshop financial services (banking, remittance, non-life insurance), retail and trade (jewelry and health and wellness), hotel resorts, sports, and real estate/property management, and communication and information technology.

Have you sent money through Forex in the past?

If you have not used Forex to send remittances previously, we would need you to fulfill some simple (KYC) Know Your Customer requirements before we get started. Please click here to download our FIRST TIME REMITTER form and details. On the other hand, if you are an existing Forex remittance customer, Congratulations! You may send to Cebuana.

How do I get my money sent through to one of the Cebuana Lhuillier branches?

To use Cebuana Lhuillier, you can simply call our Customer Service Hotline number 02 8777 0000 or by sending us an email at to provide your remittance instructions. Via cash pick up at any Cebuana Lhuillier branch.

What does my beneficiary need to know when picking up money at Cebuana Lhuiller?

It is important for you to advise your beneficiary the transaction Reference Number provided to you by Forex. This Reference Number starts with the letters AUS and followed by six digits. (example: AUS123456). Your beneficiary must present this Reference Number together with an acceptable valid form of ID at the teller.

Note: A fee of $9.00 for cash pick up is limited to 50,000 PESOS per transaction. Amounts over 50,000 PESOS will be treated as a separate transaction and an additional fee of $9.00 will apply.

List Of Acceptable IDs

Primary Identification Document – any one (1) shall be sufficient Secondary Identification Documents – any one (1) shall be sufficient
  • Valid Passport (with picture and signature of beneficiary)
  • Postal ID (with picture and signature of beneficiary)
  • Valid Drivers License with official receipt (with picture and signature of beneficiary)
  • Marriage License (without registry number or without seal but not to be accepted if both the registry number and the seal are missing on the document).
  • Valid Seamans' Book (with picture and signature of beneficiary)
  • License to own and carry firearms issued by the Department of National Defense (with picture and signature of beneficiary)
  • Valid Bank Credit Cards (with beneficiary signature)
  • Laminated Company ID (if presently employed with picture and signature of beneficiary)
  • Marriage License with registry number and seal
  • Student ID with registration form issued by the school presently enrolled in (with picture and signature of beneficiary)
  • GSIS ID (with beneficiary signature)
  • TIN ID (with beneficiary signature)
  • SSS ID (newly issued – laminated, with picture and signature of beneficiary)
  • PRC ID (with picture and signature of beneficiary)

  • As an added security and to aid in the identification of the beneficiary, if possible a remitter given password will be included in the system. Payment of the remittance is made only when the password supplied is correct and a valid identification card has been presented by the designated beneficiary.