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With the New Forex Barcoding and Tracking System, you are able to TRACK YOUR OWN BOX during and after its delivery!
Forex is the first Filipino Door-to-Door Service organization to incorporate the bar-coding system to its delivery structure. Forex sees the importance in moving with the times and as times change you will see that Forex is always leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, integrating new and unique ways to ensure that you, our customers, are always provided with the best service possible. Forex for many years now has proven to be the speediest, safest and the most reliable Filipino door-to-door service. This New 'Bar-coding and Tracking' system simply takes the organization to a whole new level of service.

How do I Track my Forex Box?
Step by Step Instruction.
If you have recently sent a Forex Box, by using this NEW Tracking System you are now able to find out the status and whereabouts of your box in a few simple clicks. Here is how you do it.
  • Type in your tracking code AUS code followed by six numbers (example: AUS030505). (which is found on the top right-hand corner of your invoice issued to you by our Forex Representative) If you have not been issued one, or you have misplaced it, simply give us a call and we can give it to you over the phone.
  • Click on the 'Track It!' button, and the status of your Forex box will appear in seconds. This advanced program also provides a 'History' button allowing you to view the different stages your box travels through. This amazing new tracking system lets you know whether your box is in 'The Forex Office', in the 'Forex Container', on the ship in transit, and so on, all the way until your forex box reaches its final destination, stating who received it and when. Forex now provides you the means and the opportunity to have a more hands-on involvment during and after the delivery of your Forex box. Now You Are in Control!



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